Imagine this scenario – you arrive home on a cold winters night to find your lights don’t work, and your electric hot water service is now a cold water service because for some unknown reason your electricity supply seems to have failed. You notice that your neighbours lights are on so it would seem as though the electrical problem is isolated to your home. So next you decide you need an electrician, an inner west emergency electrician and one that is available after electrical emergency call out
hours. So you get on your smart phone and try and find a suitable emergency electrician that come come out quickly and try and establish what the electrical issue is that is causing the apparent loss of electrical power in your residence. So what should you look for when selecting an emergency electrician? Here are a few tips to take into consideration:

  • are they a licensed electrician? It sounds obvious but it could pay to ask for their licence number
  • are they fully ensured. Again, do not take anything for granted. If the electrician is not insured or has let it lapse, what would be the ramifications if damage to your property was done during or after the electrical work had been carried out? Ask the question!
  • is the emergency electrician local? We are based in inner west Sydney, so we can attend emergency call outs in a very timely manner. If the electrician you contact is a long distance away then firstly the response time is likely to be long and secondly the cost of the call out is likely to be more expensive. Common sense!
  • do they disclose, upfront their pricing structure? For example, is there a standard ‘call out fee’ applicable? Is an hourly rate charged and if so what is it?
  • will the electrician clearly explain what the problems are and what the remedial action/s will be. If parts are required for the electrical repairs required, like, for example new circuit breakers, fuses, cabling or power points etc what is the estimated cost likely to be and will they be fitted during the call out or at a later date?
  • what payment options are available and will an invoice be issued
  • what guarantees are provided for the work carried out?
  • do they have any testimonials and how recently were they given?

These are just a few ideas of questions to ask when calling an emergency electrician, but could save you a lot of heart ache in the long term.

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