Installing under cupboard lighting in your kitchen can really transform the feel and functionality of any kitchen. Most ‘upmarket’ kitchen companies now include l.e.d. based under cupboard lighting as a standard feature of their designer kitchens. In 2016 it is actually fairly easy to install this type of l.e.d. lighting with minimal effort and

under cupboard lighting example

Under Cupboard Lighting. Image courtesy Ikea.

transform the look of your kitchen. Companies like Ikea sell the individual components of under cupboard lighting. You may want to call an electrician, or may consider doing it yourself. Important note: the d.i.y. route only applies to low voltage (typically 12 v.d.c.) lighting kits available where absolutely no wiring to 240 v.a.c. (mains voltage) is required. If there is, then you must call a licensed electrician. Electrical safety is always our ‘mantra’ when installing any electrical equipment, appliances, wiring etc.

When selecting an under cupboard lighting kit you may want to check that the system you go with takes these factors into account:

  1. Is the system dimmable? It can be great to add ‘ambience’ to your kitchen, particularly if it is an eat in kitchen, by dimming the under cupboard lighting system.
  2. Is the lighting l.e.d. based? We strongly recommend only going with l.e.d. lighting as it is extremely energy efficiency (80+ percent less energy consumption than incandescent and halogen lighting systems). L.e.d. bulbs last 8 times longer than incandescent and halogen bulbs, so they will last many years provided you source the lights from a reputable supplier.
  3. Is the ‘colour’ of the light suitable for the practicality of food preparation and the ‘ambience’ of the room? L.e.d. lights come in different colour spectrums from a ‘cold white’ to a ‘warm white’ and these differing spectrums of colour can really change the ‘feel’ of the light they emit.
  4. How easy is it to install the system? Most of the Ikea brand under cupboard lighting systems are simple ‘plug together’ systems which comprise of a low voltage power supply (some even run off batteries, but you would want to check on the expected battery life first), the lighting strip and any interconnecting cables.
  5. Does the lighting system come with remote control option? You may or may not want the option to switch the lights on and off via a remote control unit. Certainly it could add a degree of convenience and ‘sophistication’ to the operation of the under cupboard lights.

Conclusion. Lighting of all kinds has come a long way in 2016. Adding under cupboard lighting to your existing kitchen can be a worthwhile home improvement. Remember, never install any electrical equipment operating at mains voltage – always call a licensed electrician to do the job.