You may be one of the inner west households that have all the latest technology and electrical appliances in your home but what about that old, antiquated switchboard at the front of your house?

Switchboards – What Do They Do?

Switchboards are the electrical ‘nerve centre’ of your home, office or commercial property. When mains electricity is

clipsal switchboard

fed to your property from the power poles it is fed directly to your electrical switchboard. From there is is connected into electrical safety devices like circuit breakers, R.C.D‘s and is then distributed into different circuits which are typically:

  1. Lighting circuits
  2. Power outlets

It is amazing that old style switchboards still use fuse technology that was developed over 80 years ago. Have you ever tried changing blown fuse wire? It is fiddly and should never be attempted by any home owner. Call a licensed electrician to perform ANY work on a switchboard. Electricity kills – do not take the risk!

Old switchboards can present an electrical hazard. As well as that they do not offer the modern levels of electrical ‘protection’ and safety standards that a modern switchboard offers. Contact us today for a quotation to have your switchboard upgraded.

(Image courtesy of Clipsal)