The humble power point or GPO (general power outlet) has come of age and in 2016 is available in a great range of colours and styles to fit in with your decor and the look of your kitchen, bathroom or other rooms in your home.

It is often the case that when you move into a new house you find that the power outlets are power point installationeither lacking in quantity or simply in the wrong locations. As licensed electricians we can install the new power points where you want them, in the style that you like. Note – never try to install your own power points. Not only is it illegal but extremely dangerous and you risk electrocution!

On occasions when installing additional power points it may be necessary to install new wiring back to the switchboard if there are too many outlets on the existing wiring. We can check and advise you if this situation occurs.

Cost Of Installing New Power Points

The factors that impact on the cost of us installing new power outlets is mostly related to the ease (or otherwise) or getting access to be able to run new cabling. In the case of double brick homes it is often necessary to ‘drop’ the new wiring between the cavity (between the 2 layers of brick). This is often accessed via the roof space and can be quite time consuming. We can offer a free quotation once we have assessed the work required for the new power point installation.