All of our electrical work with customers is in inner west Sydney and it is with interest we note that the council amalgamation of Ashfield, Marrickville and Leichhardt are now merged and have become the Inner West Council. This is an interesting development for inner west residents and businesses, the theory being that there will be efficiency’s created by the bringing together of the 3 councils to create a so called ‘super council’.

inner west logo

The merger should, hopefully bring about a streamlining of many council functions including:

  • development applications
  • reduction in rates due to improved internal operation efficiency and less duplication of roles
  • faster service for residents complaints and requests for service
  • a focus on improving business trading conditions including parking issues
  • a more professional management approach and a less political, possibly ‘biased’ management style
  • greater economy of scales when council purchases and projects are developed, presumably resulting in better outcomes for ratepayers

Business Outcomes

Operating an electrician business in inner western Sydney can present some challenges. One of these would have to be on street parking in some areas of the inner west. We had a job in Leichhardt the other week, to install ceiling fans for a regular customer. The problem we had was not the electrical wiring, the installation of the fan or the installation of a new power point to run the fan, but the on street parking!! We were limited to 2 hour parking, meaning that we had to keep a close eye on the clock to avoid, potentially, a very large fine! Many businesses in the inner west have felt pressures from parking issues, mainly at a customer level, for businesses operating a shop front and we look forward to improvements in the coming months from the new Inner West Council.

Inner West Council can be found here