Garden Lighting Installation Service

Garden lighting can create a wonderful atmosphere in just about every outdoor space around your home. Many homes in the inner west have relatively small backyards, but a combination of nice landscaping and creative garden lighting can create a magical space for your family to relax and enjoy in the evenings.

garden lighting

Low Voltage Garden Lighting

The vast majority of installation of garden lighting employs ‘low voltage’ light technology. This generally runs of a 12 volt d.c. (or occasionally a.c.) power suuply. The wattage of the required power supply is determined by the number and corresponding wattage of the garden lights that are connected into that supply. Modern 12 volt power supplies often used to power garden lights employ ‘switch mode’ electronic design meaning that they are extremely energy efficient, typically having efficiency specifications above 90 percent, meaning the energy is used by the lights and not wasted as heat in the power supply.

Using Timers To Control Garden Lighting

It can make sense to connect garden light systems into electric timers that switch the lights on and off at predetermined hours of the day or night. This means that the lights are not accidentally left on in the ‘small hours’ of the morning, but are switched on in the evening adding to the safety and security of your outdoor areas.

Types Of Garden Lighting

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Typical Garden Spotlight

We can install a virtually unlimited range of garden lights. These can include feature lights to showcase flower beds, shrubs, water features or a prized plant, to single, double or triple spotlights that cast a lovely light on a pathway or wider garden bed, for example. The cost of garden lighting is generally not expensive and the running costs tend to be fairly modest as the light bulb wattages are often as little as 10 watts, so even if you have 10 of these lights around your garden the running costs will be minimal.

Security And Safety Benefits Of Garden Lighting

Having garden lights installed not only adds a lovely feel to your outdoor areas buts adds a cost effective level of security to your residence. Potential intruders are less likely to enter properties with good external lighting. The other obvious benefit of having garden lighting is access around your property in the night time. If you need to access the washing line or garden shed at night, having path lighting is a welcome feature in any home.