8 August 2016 – Tips From Electrician Inner West

Well August has come around, only one month of winter left. Here are a few tips worth pondering, from your local electrician:

  • Looking for an electrician – beware of ‘discounts’. Have you looked online for an electrician that is local, competent, fully licensed and insured? If so you have probably seen some electrical companies offering $xx ‘online discounts’ for potential customers. Whilst in principle at least, this sounds great, you have to ask electrical discountsyourself ‘do we ever get anything for nothing?’. meaning are discounts really ‘genuine’ or a slick marketing tool? Our view is that we offer very competitive pricing for our electrician work, whilst leaving a fair profit for our efforts. We have excellent references from clients around Sydney’s inner west that are happy, repeat customers and price discounting does not come into the equation. We use industry recognised and approved electrical parts and cable and install them to meet current electrical compliance standards. This, in our view, is what customers seeking a licensed electrician, are really looking for.
  • For major electrical work get in writing an estimate of the time completed to complete the work. Some electrical jobs that we perform can take a fair amount of time. A complete house rewire would fit this category of work. In an older style Californian bungalow, double brick home in the inner west it can be a time consuming job to remove the old wiring and replace it with modern electrical cabling. Issues of access, the number of power point, light fittings and electrical switches and their location can come into play when estimating the time required to do the rewire. It is advisable not only to get a fully detailed quotation for the work, but also a written estimate as to how long the work may take to complete. We will normally advise clients that this is only an estimate as unforeseen issues can arise when rewiring, particularly for older properties, both residential and commercial.

electrician inner west - tips August 2016