As licensed electricians we work with electricity day in and day out and respect the potential risks that it can present. Safety is a major component of our inner west electrical services. In our view all homes, offices and businesses need to be aware of electrical safety issues. The areas of electrical safety that we most commonly are involved with would include:

Safety Switches

Also known as residual current devices or R.C.D’S, safety switches, put simply, are life saving devices. They detect electrical safetypotentially lethal electrical faults and cut the power in less time than a human heart beat. The cost of installation of these devices is very modest and is a must have.

Safety Checks

Electrical safety checks are recommended in many instances which can include:

  • purchasing of a new home
  • purchase or lease of a new business premises or commercial facility
  • intermittent power point operation
  • electric shocks

We can carry out a detailed evaluation of the electrical wiring and components in your home and locate potential electrical hazards and repair or replace them to maximise the electrical safety in your home or business.