We get a number of people asking us to repair electrical items and equipment. This could include broken light switches, damaged power points, damage to swtich boards and light fittings. In most instances it is generally a matter of replacing the fitting as modern electrical fittings and most appliances are not designed to be repaired – it is a sign of the times, sadly!

We an source most electrical swtich gear, power outlets, conduit, cable and electrical items from one of our favorite electrical wholesales in the inner west like J R Turk at Leichhardt who are literally minutes away from us. This allows us to buy at discounted prices and we pass on these savings to customers.

When it comes to ceiling fans that have failed, we generally recommend replacement rather than trying to repair the, It is possible to get burnt out motors repaired but the cost is often prohibitive so, again, we will normally source a ‘drop in’ replacement. Ceiling fans are normally designed to fit into a standard sized cut out in the ceiling so we can mix and match the fan and switches on most occasions.

Pricing For Electrical Repairs

When you contact us we can often give you an estimate as the likely cost of electrical repairs. The ‘unknown’ factor is generally the access to the electrical item that has gone faulty. Some electric hot water systems can be very difficult to gain access to as can some roof wiring, which, if it is in an older homer, may necessitate a complete home ‘rewire’. In any instance we will endeavour to give an accurate as possible estimate as to the cost of repair. Failing that we can charge on an hourly rate that is transparent and ‘up fronyt’ with all our clients.