Do you have electrical problems that require fault finding? Many times we have had to use our electrical expertise to locate some difficult to locate electrical problems. We carry an extensive range of electronic equipment to assist in fault location. Some of the more ‘common’ electrical ‘detective work’ we have been involved with includes:

  • Intermittent down lighting. Down lights have been installed in literally thousands of inner west Sydney businesses and homes. It is not uncommon to find restaurants, for example, with over 200 down lights electrical faultfinding test deviceinstalled. These could be halogen or the more energy efficient alternative which is l.e.d. lighting.  If clients advise that a specific light is operating intermittently or flickering or blows bulbs every few weeks we need to investigate and locate the fault. It could be a number of potential culprits. These include a faulty transformer, a burnt out lamp socket, faulty wiring, a thermal cut out that is malfunctioning or even, on occasions we find that the wrong type of light bulb was installed.
  • Exhaust fans not operating. We have seen a number of instances where very old exhaust fans fail to turn on. Initially it appears as though the mains switch has failed, and, initially changing that switch results in the fan starting to operate correctly. However, we often find that the client calls back a few weeks later to report that the fan has failed again. In our experience we have found that old exhaust fans get ‘gunked up’ with grease, moisture laden dust and debris over many years. This means that the fan tends to operate sluggishly when electrical power is applies and an ‘inductive surge’ of electrical current flows, causing the fan switch to arc and fail again and again. In this unusual instance we find there is only one solution – to replace the exhaust fan. Most (modern0 exhaust fans are not hard wired into the homes electrical wiring and instead plugs into an electrical socket mounted in the ceiling area. This makes replacing the exhaust fan relatively smple, depending on access to it. These types of electrical faults can, at times, be challenging to locate and out experience as electricians comes to the fore.
  • Tripping circuit breakers. If your home or business experiences circuit breakers that trip repetitively it can be both annoying and very inconvenient, particularly if it means that appliances and electrical devices become unavailable. The causes of recurrent circuit breakers tripping can be easy or very complex to locate. The cause is rarely a faulty circuit breaker. The most common causes are electrical appliances that have gone faulty and are drawing significantly higher current than they are intended to. We can generally isolate the ‘offending’ electrical device and isolate it. Other causes include short circuits. In inner western Sydney, many homes have wiring that is way past ist ‘used by date’. We have seen instances of wiring in roofs that is very old and the original insulation on the wires has frayed or become brittle and as a result there is an intermittent short circuit which causes the circuit breakers on that electrical circuit to trip. We can carefully trace the wiring to locate the point of the electrical short. The solution may be  to replace a section of wiring or ins some instances it may be necessary to do a complete house rewire. On rare occasions, again, mainly in older properties we locate the cause of the tripping breakers (or fuses) to an outdated and faulty switchboard. In this instance we can either replace the faulty components or may recommend a switchboard upgrade.

Caution – never try to do electrical fault finding yourself, but call us or another licensed electrician. Electrical safety is important and should never be underestimated.