Considering a ceiling fan and need an electrician to install it? We can assist in fan installation, the associated wiring and installing the controller unit if there is one with the model you have purchased.

Why Ceiling Fans In 2016?

Ceiling fans offer many benefits in the most modern of home and many people do not realise how useful they can be and the many benefits of having a ceiling fan or fans installed. The reasons to consider getting ceiling fans for your lounge room, dining area or bedrooms include the following:

  1. Energy efficient cooling. The average 4 blade ceiling fan typically uses from 50 watts of electrical power up to 120 watts. Compare this with the smallest of air conditioning units modern ceoiling fanwhich can consume between 1.2 kilowatts to well over 10 kilowatts of power. If you want to save power this winter, ceiling fans could help, as we explain in the next point.
  2. Assist in warming rooms during summer. Very few people understand the fact that many modern ceiling fans have a specific operating mode for the cold winter months that can actually contribute to your rooms being warmer! How does this work? Heat rises and even with the most efficient heating systems, most rooms can be heated more efficiently by circulating the warm air around the room. Studies have shown that you can reduce the energy inputs of your heating systems, be they gas or electric heating, by using a ceiling fan in the winter mode.
  3. Cost effective. A good quality heating fan typically costs around $200 (or less if you shop around). Compare this with the cost of air conditioning.
  4. Integrated light option. Many modern fans come with an integrated light which can ad to the ambience of any room.
  5. Remote control. Being able to control the ceiling fan speed, direction and on-off control via a remote control is very convenient and most ceiling fans come with remote option.
  6. Enhancing the feel of any room in summer. Many people prefer the feel of cool air circulated by a ceiling fan compared to an air conditioner which can ‘dry’ the air and create an uncomfortably low humidity level with a room.