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Licensed Electrician Servicing Inner West Sydney. All electrical work and 24 / 7 Emergency Electrical Service. Call now for fast, affordable serviceOur range of services include:

  • all residential electrical work with no job too big or small for us to handle Electrical services
  • extra power points
  • electrical work for renovations
  • electrical maintenance work
  • electrical fault finding
  • all electrical repair work undertaken
  • installation of all electric appliances and commissioning
  • commercial and industrial work
  • house rewiring
  • electrical safety inspections and reports
  • electric oven and stove top wiring
  • installation and wiring of smoke alarms
  • light dimmer and dimmer switches
  • air conditioner wiring
  • bathroom electrical work
  • kitchen wiring and new power outlets
  • circuit breaker installation
  • blow fuse repair and electrical fault diagnosis
  • telephone cabling
  • motion sensor security lighting
  • d.c. low voltage garden lighting
  • internal sensor lighting for energy saving
  • home automation and ‘smart home’ technology installation and design
  • television antenna installation
  • broadband (ADSL) internet cabling and sockets installation service
  • hot water unit servicing and repair
  • earthing systems
  • ceiling fan installation, wiring and replacement
  • surge protection
  • outdoor lighting
  • emergency electrician call out
  • emergency lighting installation and service

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Electrical appliances and technologies are advancing in sophistication and usage by the week. The average household demand for electricity is increasing year on year, even with energy efficient devices becoming the ‘standard’. Our electricianelectrical services are all encompassing and there are very few electrical problems, applications, installations or fault finding problems that we have not come across or cannot rectify. It may be that old power points are proving to be loose, intermittent and potentially dangerous or it may well be that you don’t have enough power outlets to keep up with your families ever growing range of electrical devices, computers, sound systems or appliances. We can generally add in new power outlets just about anywhere in your home. At the same time it could be wise to get your old, possibly outdated switchboard upgraded. This, in many cases, means that we can install modern ‘circuit breakers’ and safety switches that offer protection and convenience. It could be that some of the electrical equipment in your home causes the circuit breakers of fuses to trip or blow frequently without any obvious cause. This too can indicate that there could be issues with your switchboard or wiring within your home. We can thoroughly assess the electrical systems and installations in your home, office or business and recommend the best way to upgrade them in the most cost effective manner.

Electrician Inner West Sydney

Residential Electrical Work. We can do all the electrical jobs that you may need inside and outside of your home. If you find that you have a largeemergency electrician number of electrical extension leads snaking around your floors then maybe it is time to think about installing some extra power points in the locations where they are most needed. It is important to ensure that power boards and extension cords are not overloaded as this can potentially lead to being a safety hazard. You are better off getting us to install new power points.

Our 24 hour a day, 7 day a week emergency electrician service is there for when you require immediate electrical repair work done.

If you have just purchased a new home its a great time to have us come in and firstly check out the existing wiring and switchboard (that could well be outdated) and perform any repairs (such as damaged power outlets and substandard or illegal wiring) that are needed. We have the latest test equipment to assess electrical safety in the existing electrical circuits.

External Lighting. It is very much ‘in vogue’ to have modern outside lighting systems installed in your garden and also your side passageways and your verandahs and balconies. Not only does this add to the atmosphere and feel of outdoor dining, parties and sitting out in the evenings enjoying a glass of wine, but is also contributes significantly to the safety and most importantly the security of your home. You can choose from energy efficient l.e.d. lighting to a wide offering of other light technologies and we can wire them all back to handily located switches and even light dimmers if required.

Commercial Electrical Services

There are many businesses in inner west Sydney that require ongoing electrical work and we are available 24 / 7 to help those businesses. We can help with:

Commercial Kitchen Electrical Wiring. If you own a restaurant or cafe in the inner west and are installing a new pizza oven, commercial refrigerator or want new, energy efficient lighting for your main dining area then you need our services. We can assess the current wiring and organise to install the new switch gear and cabling that is needed to install your new electrical fittings and fixtures. It is often necessary to have this work done after hours to avoid interrupting the day to day operation of your business and we can generally schedule an ‘out of hours’ service call to perform the required electrical work.

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Creating Energy Efficient Homes and Businesses

The average home in inner west Sydney uses around 35 Kilo watt hours or energy each day. Compare this to just 30 years ago when this figure was around 20 Kilo watt hours of energy per day. Usage of electricity is still increasing even though the push for ‘energy efficient’ technologies and devices has increased. Many homes now have home entertainment systems, a myriad of electrical appliances in the home and internet routers, multiple p.c.’s, laptops and devices requiring daily battery charging. These all add to the electrical demand of the home. There are many ways to cut down on your power usage and we can offer quality advice and assist with this.

Energy Efficient Lighting – Reasons Why LED Lighting Systems Should Be Considered For New Lighting Installations

When it comes to choosing an energy efficient lighting product for the home or your business, led lighting installationone of the better and increasingly, most popular options to consider, is LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting. L.e.d. lighting offers tremendous flexibility and is cost effective which makes it suitable for use in a small or large areas. Some of the main benefits of using LED lighting are as follows;

Bulb longevity – typically over 40,000 hours of operation before replacement is required. This represents twenty to twenty five times the operating life of the older style incandescent light bulbs which typically last for around 650 to 2500 hours. Though the initial cost of the LED light bulbs are considerably more expensive than incandescent light bulbs, this is compensated for by the much greater life expectancy, making them a wise buy for homes, offices and companies looking to cut down on their energy running costs.

Electrical Repair Work

Electrical appliances and components can fail from time to time and we offer a full fault finding and repair service for home owners and local inner west businesses. In general, the reliability of electrical equipment has improved dramatically over the last 20 years as manufacturing quality assurance programs and the quality of parts have improved considerably. However electrical failures still happen and we are on hand to locate the fault and, if at all possible, repair it. Some of the electrical repairs we can assist with include:

  • Light switch replacement. After thousands of operations and particularly in humid environments like bathrooms or kitchens, light switches can fail or become intermittent.
  • Faulty power points and outlets. Faulty power points can potentially be a safety hazard that needs to be addressed. In older houses we have seen many instances of power points hanging from the wall, with the original mounting screws having broken away from the wall, meaning that the live electrical wires have become exposed. This is dangerous and we recommend you contact us promptly to have it rectified.
  • Electric cook tops can fail from time to time. We will inspect the switch gear, wiring, fuses, elements and other electrical components to determine where the problem is.
  • Light fittings. The connections to light fittings can deteriorate over time as can the actual sockets that the light bulbs connect into. In some instances it may be possible to repair the problem or else a replacement part or fitting may be required. If you notice that light bulbs, chandelier lights or down lights have developed a ‘flicker’ it may be that there is an electrical fault that needs addressing.
  • Tripping of safety switches. If you find that your safety switches keep tripping for no particular reason we can normally go through a fault finding process to establish if the problem is a particular appliance, light fitting, power outlet or a wiring defect.